Impossible to see memory card


In the settings, there is an app “Files” where I (suppose) should see all the files in the telephone.
When I use it, I only see “Fairephone 4 5G” and the drives of my different google account.
I put a memory card in the phone : shouldn’t I see it in the list ?


When you tap at the “hamburger” icon (three horizontal lines) in the top left corner, a menu should slide in from the left. Is the card listed there?

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You may have formatted the SD card as internal in which case it may not show as a separate entity. Check the formatting options

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Thank you @amoun (again).
That’s exactly what I did.
Now I can move my music to the SD card and have more space in the internal memory.

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It’s discouraged to format it as internal as this often leads to a failure and loss of data.
So I’d strongly recommend to format it as mobile storage!

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Yes because I’ve juste lost few apps after formated.
I don’t understand how the phone chose between internal et SD card when it install apps.

The phone doesn’t choose the user does.

It just so happens that the default option is to format as internal unless the user chooses otherwise.

It seems many, if not most, take the first offered easy option and just ‘Format’

Sadly it’s been like this for years with no ‘warning’ of the possible consequences :frowning:

Sorry! Looking at your post again I see it was more focused on whether an app decided to store on the SSD as internal memory or the SD as extra internal memory. I think that may be down to the app and Google.

Some apps require a quick response and so will use the SSD others can react more slowly and are palmed off to the SD