Impossible to order a fairphone


I am trying to order a fairphone as my business phone but the order doesn’t get through.
It says my VAT number is not correct howeever it is! I even checked in online on a government website. I precise that I live in France.
Is there anyone from Fairphone who could help me please? I have sent an email to the Facebook page but I haven’t received any answer so far.
Thanks in advance for your support!

This is a community forum. Fairphone staff might read along and engage, or might not.

The quickest way for you to resolve your issue is calling Fairphone, number and business hours are given on the support page.


Should it be the problems on the FP-page can not be solved:
If you happen to live in Germany maybe you could order it from - a German B2B shop.
Of course they ship EU-wide, but delivery is significantly higher (free to Germany; 12.90 to 42.50 to EU-countries).

Anguelique, indeed to look into this, we need more details. Did you send in a request already? If so, please DM me the request number. If not, send in a request and do the same.
It can happen that your VAT is not recognised in the VIES database we use. Or you have put in the FR initials, or forgot to validate your VAT in the order process (green button). So to be sure and quick, let’s deal with it via your request.

Hello Esmee!
Thank you for your answer.
I haven’t send a request, how should I do?
Thank a lot!!!

Have a look at the support page: On the bottom there’s a link (“send question”) to open a request (ticket):

There you also find other contact possibilities (like phone no.), in case you need that (If it is urgent, than maybe a phone call would be faster).

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