Impossible to install FOSS Telegram

I have a FP2 with Open OS. I am also a Telegram user.

I recently found out that until now I always used the standard Telegram version instead of the FOSS one that can be found here

The only relevant (yet important) difference between the standard and the foss version afaik is that the foss version allows you to use osmand to share your position and open maps, while the standard one uses gmaps. Thus when using standard telegram on Fairphone Open OS I just cannot use maps on telegram,

I would like to install the foss version in order to be able to easily use maps.
I tried to install it both through fdroid and downloading it from the website but the installation always fails (even if I remove the standard version of telegram first).
Any idea on why this happens?
Did any of yo have a similar issue?

BTW, the main difference is that it is pure FLOSS, so Google libraries are removed. The behaviour of the proprietary library for push notifications (GCM) is replaced with custom code to “fetch” notifications on a timely manner.

Removing other installed version of Telegram is not optional, but required (because of Android’s security model).

Installing it manually (via the default GUI, Package Installer) report no information on the error, but if I recall correctly F-Droid should launch some error message. Can you post that here? Maybe on an screenshot. It can be somethings like INSTALL_FAILED_UPDATE_INCOMPATIBLE or INSTALL_FAILED_INVALID_APK.

If no error is showed, then we have to debug it with ADB (#dic:adb)


Sorry, I have being very busy last weeks. When I try to install it via f-droid (after disinstalling the stockversion) I get an error message saying “Installation failed because of unknown error”, not very helpful unfortunately.

I finally managed to install the FOSS version, it came out I could not install it because the stock version was not fully uninstalled. Apparently uninstalling the app was not enough, I had to go to the general settings and ask to remove it for all users. FOSS version works as expected now.


Ah! That has sense! Although I personally think it is a limitation of the platform, it is that way by design, in fact.

I’m happy you managed to solve it! Enjoy Telegram FOSS.

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