Impossible to hang up

Hello, I have the same problem than last year but the solution found doesn’t work anymore.

I cannot hang up because the screen is black.

I have to put out the batterie. (sorry for my bad english)

Someone can help me ?

Thank you

Could you elaborate a bit more on what you tried, so we can help you better?

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Could this be the proximity sensor issue? The same as in this post: Screen stops working during phone calls since new update

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I have the same (or a similar) problem. When I take the phone away from my
ear after finishing a call, the screen doesn’t activateand stays black so I cannot disconnect. Pushing the on/off button does not help. Eventually, after the other party disconnects and some minutes have passed, he screen does activate again,
but this is a nuisance. Any help would be appreciated.

This worked, thanks a lot

Had the same problem, found the same solution.

Also I’d like to add: There’s usually no need to remove the battery. Pressing and holding the Power button for 15 seconds will force the phone to reboot. :slight_smile:


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