Import telefone-book from SIM does not work

Hi forum! the import-function seems not to work on my FP2 with fairphone open source.
I open “contacts”, then tap on the three points up right -> “import/export” -> “import from SIM card” -> open the drop-down on top beside “0 selected” -> tap “select all” …
then the drop down menu closes and nothing else happens, same view as before: “0 selected” . Cannot see anything else to do.
Would be very happy to receive help!
thank you!

Welcome to the forum. Have just checked this out and whilst this procedure works upon Fairphone OS provided that “Calls” is selected for this SIM if two are present, unfortunately as you point out this does not work for Fairphone Open OS. I haven’t checked whether results any different if contacts provided in .vcf format.

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Hi aspergerguy! Thank you for your reply! I only got one SIM actually. Could there be a relation to the fact, that the SIM-provider suggested to configure the device by keying a certain code they sent? I hesitate to do this, as I don’t know what there would be configured. And it works anyway, except…

I don’t think that this has a relevance here as would only be sending network APN configurations. When I tried using the same SIM with contacts under Fairphone OS it worked as expected, but not under Fairphone Open OS.

In what phone were the contacts on the SIM before the Fairphone?
I had an old dumbphone, but it was to old for the FP2, and so I had to copy manually all the contacts because for some reason the format wasn’t compatible (I think).

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