I'll buy a fp4 when lineageos is ready

Hello community,

A bit fed up with rooting my phones, which then loose the possibility of getting system updates.

My next phone, will be either a factory rooted phone, or a lineageos supported one.

Is fp4 complying with either conditions ?

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Fairphone uses it’s own version of AOSP A11 and probably have no intention of complying to such :slight_smile:

Maybe have a look at IODES etc.

Have fun waiting :slight_smile:


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The Fairphone 4 is not supported by LineageOS (yet), but CalyxOS supports it: Install on Fairphone 4

As someone who has always ran LineageOS for microG, if I ever get a Fairphone 4 (my Fairphone 3 might last until the Fairphone 5 is out at the rate it’s going) it’ll most likely what I’ll run as they come with microG and actively work together with the rest of the Open Source community and upstream their changes (as opposed to /e/OS, who don’t contribute back upstream, they just fork everything and only work on their own version, bad Open Source citizens tbh).


Its not factory rootet and its not loosing system updates, because its is rooted.

So Lineage is expected, so far we have have community verisons “only”

Just do some reading in the forum

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iodéOS (LOS19.1based) and Magisk

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