Ideas for fairphone

Hi! my name is Diana and I love the initiative and ideas behind the fairphone, I don’t have one yet but I’m very interested. Now I wanted to bring in a new idea for develloping fairphones. I thought that using an e-ink or e-paper screen, like the screens they use on ereaders would be very usefull because it uses less energy and you wouldn’t have to charge it too soon.

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Hey Diana,

I love the e-ink technology. We own 2 Kobo readers and a smartwatch (the latter doesn’t have e-ink but is low power).

E-ink has a few drawbacks:

  • Black/white (and gray). No colours. Try using your current phone or desktop with black and white contrasts (option in Accessibility).
  • Very low refresh rate, lower than any TV. Makes it not feasible for things like typing, browsing, IM. For emergency use of that, its OK though, but not regular usage.
  • Not sure if the screens can be capacitive or accurate.

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