Ideas for a range of FP4(+)

Have you tried taking picture outside so that sky wouldn’t be overlit and faces would be visible. And there’s that the autofocus doesn’t work wery well. Hdr mode has those awful ghosts in the photos if theres anything that moves. Gcam port just works so much better even though it’s not even optimised for the spesific device. Also it annoyes me that I can’t disable tap the screen to focus and take a picture to just focus.

Flashing /e/ os fixed this issue but when brightness is set to minimum it flickers. So could be that panel control circuitry doesn’t support it and that could even harm the display module.

I would really wish for a really small form fp4. Like iphone 5/SE size, you could have that in front pocket of jeans and skate at the same time not noticing it ( or breaking it ). Now when i put my phone in the pocket im afraid to walk, let alone do something else.

Hello everyone,
on a new phone i would like things like Wifi6, 5G and esim support to have a really future proof phone.
Then processor should be good and at least 128 Gb of (expandable) internal storage.
Idk if modular screen with different relosolution is feasible but that would be awesome.


Whereas a fancier phone would be fun, I would like to see the FP3+ have less problems. There are a lot of unhappy people paying twice the price of an equivalent phone so I hope Fairphone see this as more of an issue…

From my perspective the cost isn’t the issue, the specs are on the edge, but reliability and support is appalling and I wouldn’t recommend Fairphone to anyone.

I’ve only had the phone a couple of months as my daughter was considering buying, and she has just done so a couple of weeks ago.

It has been and continues to be an embarrassing and upsetting experience, though having paid £450 I will stick it out and hope the experience improves.

I hope the Fairphone designers see that whereas it may not be so difficult to roll out a new phone and turn the spotlight to that, clearly the designers haven’t got to grips with reliability after 3 major excursions.

And if any new phone works without all the issues I see on this forum it will be fantastic and I hope not just a fantasy


I’d rather have one good camera, with OIS if possible, then multiple. Also, something not a lot of phones do at the moment, but adding faster connectivity (USB3 - 4 instead of 2) through the USB-C port so the phone could be docked.
I’ve seen enough OLED screens get burn in that I’m actually quite hesitant to buy any device that has it. They look really nice, but I need my displays to last me a long time (one of the reasons I got an LCD 4K TV, as I want it to last me at least a decade if possible).
Publishing kernel sources ASAP and working with projects like PostmarketOS would also be benificial.


The burn in effect also can take place on LCD screens.
The contrast, brightness range, color and blacklevel of a OLED screen is predominant, so it is a logical choice for the next gen phone in my view.
Another benefit is the thickness, as the LCD needs backlight, it is thicker than an OLED display.
Beside that the energy consumption is lower, what gives more battery time and the opportunity to use only parts of the screen, i. e. just to show a message or the clock, gives many potentials to save even more energy.
In case of watching movies the switching time of the pixels are a much faster than LCDs what results in better movie quality. I experienced that on my Galaxy S5e Tablet and it’s awesome. (Btw. the tablet is more than two years old and no burn in is recognizable.)

Long story short: In total the usage of an OLED for a smartphone display is by far the better choice.


One good thing with a FP: you can easily change just the screen if needed.
(Although I fully agree it’s better if you can keep the original one as long as possible, for environment as well as for the price it can cost to change the display)

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Would love to see a smaller form FP4 ( not exactly as small as a palmphone ) but something you wont notice in your front jeans pocket :slight_smile:

Burn in on LCD’s is near non-existant, while it’s a persistant problem with all OLED’s, alongside LED degradation over time.
I agree OLED’s look better, but LCD’s will last longer.


Since they only make one model, it’s kind of logical they can’t just please the small phone crowd alone. However, I do think most modern smartphones are too large. A 18:9 5,5" Display is probably a good size if the bezels are small enough.


Actual OLED’s abrasion went down to very little. By 4 hours usage a day it will take 20 years to reach half the brightness.
Also the burn in effect (as it is not really a burn) has shrunken enormously. As this effect only happens on static screen content when it is displayed for hours it is unlikely that a user will keep the phone display on for such a long time without changing whats displayed. The Phone manufacturer has also the possibility to limit the max on screen time, as it is actually 30min in the settings. But even if the user forced it on purpose, there are easy ways to avoid the burn in effect, i.e. pixel shifting or shading static parts of the screen after time.
So with actual state of research the manufacturers offer a multiple selection of preventions for the burn in effect.

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Faire évoluer déjà le FP3 serait déjà judicieux en effet le snapdragon sera à changer mais cela sera impossible de le faire nous même, Fairphone devrait le proposer en retour avec un aller retour transport chez eux et avec une garantie, un FP4 ou 4+ fait penser à Apple avec ces déclinaisons…

It would be most appreciated to continue the conversation in the language it started with. Would you be so kind and add a translation, please.


sorry , in english :
Evolving the FP3 already would be wise indeed the snapdragon will have to be changed but it will be impossible to do it ourselves, Fairphone should offer it in return with a round trip transport to them and with a guarantee, an FP4 or 4+ suggests to Apple with these variations …

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Awesome. Thanks for the fast response. :+1:t3:


Hi @Antoine,

the collaboration between /e/ and FP is awesome. I would like to see FP take a few steps in the direction of security. They could build their own version of the OpenTitan RoC because the blueprints are available online. They could collaborate with the makers of GrapheneOS to tighten their security because these people are searching for a company to implement their ideas on secure hardware.

This way FP could become the ultimate phone, combining all niches of technology development: privacy, security and fairness.

Many greetings


I am not for having 2 different core version of the future FP4 because the main problem for FP is not having a big part of the market to decrease cost per product. The developping cost are to big per phone to have more than 1 model.

For the improvement I think are good to do :

  • Have a faster ROM storage, its one of the issue of the actual FP3/3+ (and probably a 128 Go due to the increase of the photo size and apps size)
  • Have a newer version of the snapdragon, still the 600 series, or maybe the 700 series because its a good compromise between performance and consumption. I think the Snapdragon 800 series are overkill for the majority of people (and me)
  • Improve the autonomy of the phone, the FP3+ have a too short capacity compared to the electrical hardware consumption.
  • Offer a possibility to manually ajust the max frequency of the processor and governor without root
  • Improve rear camera with a dual sensor, and keep it optional, just the module have to change (but heavy developing cost for each type of sensor)
  • Use amoled screen intead of IPS (AMOLED or another similar tech)

For the other function, the FP3+ is good enough (fast charge, front camera, digital reader, NFC, Wifi, 4G, Bluetooth…


That’s all well and good. But I saw my brother-in-law’s OnePlus 7 Pro, which is barely a year old already suffer burn in where the notification shade is. Clearly all these mitigation techniques can help, but not solve the problem.
So unless you can find a good reliable OLED at price parity with a good LCD panel, I really don’t see OLED’s having priority.


Just like to see one a bit smaller ~ without the top and bottom non functioning screen, or at least get rid of the bottom one with only the name.

Optional sides for buttons ~ left or right.
Hands free speaker at the top

Microphones top left and right. I like to stand my phone on a desk which 'covers the bottom mic.