Idea: Use a "Sent from my fairphone" email signature

I just had an idea to help promote fairphone in an easy way;
add an email signature to whatever email app you use with something like

“Sent from my fairphone.

Whenever I get emails from people with iphones it always says “Sent from my iphone” and it always catches my eye.



I made such signature the first day I got my FP. And yesterday, someone told me this signature intrigued him, so he went to look on the website. Now he’s subscribed for a FP2 :slight_smile:

Just a tip: put one or two enters in your signature. Otherwise, the text will be too close to your actual message.
My signature reads:

>>Sent from my FairPhone -

Oh, and I think the idea was also spoken about in this topic

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I also made a “gesendet von meinem Fairphone” signature from day one.

Did you manage to use a smaller font for the signature?

In the original email app, I only have one font size.

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I just used the standard font, it seems you don’t have much choice. Maybe you can edit more if you use an other mail app, like K9?

It’s a cute idea, but for me, the whole “sent from my whatever” thing reeks too much of showing off what an awesome phone you have and how I’m better than you because I own a whatever.

Apple started this with their iPhones and it always annoyed me. Maybe it’s just me, but I never understood what the significance is of the device used to send me a message other than showing off that you have said device. Consequently, I always turn off such signatures on my devices. I understand from the manufacturer’s point of view that it’s free promotion, but that rubs me the wrong way even more. Now my emails have turned into a vehicle for delivering promotional messages.

I guess FairPhone has a much more innocent image than Apple or other companies and it’s clear FairPhone owners don’t just want to own the phone but spread the word about important issues as well, but not everyone knows this so I’m not a big fan of this idea.


I changed the category of this topic from “Software and Apps” to “Café” because it does not discuss apps or software, but an idea to promote FP.

I must admit at first this annoyed me too, getting emails with “sent from my iphone” I was glad that my android didn’t do this. The thing is though it did catch my attention. And like you said, I want to promote the idea of fairphone, and this is a painless way of doing it. Plus if you make some silly typos people will see you sent it from your phone and understand it, instead of thinking your on drugs! ha ha :grimacing:

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My signature reads:

Diese Nachricht wurde von meinem Fairphone mit K-9 Mail gesendet.[/quote]


Mine reads:

Sent from my Fairphone with K-9 Mail. 
Please excuse my brevity.

But I like the idea to add the link so I’ll edit it now. :slight_smile:

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I refrained from adding a link to prevent my mails going to spam folders.


Good point, I didn’t think of this.

With my private eMail adress I only write to people who have me as a contact anyway.
And does that really happen?

I don’t have reference to prove my fear. Still, if someone wants to find out about Fairphone, they can use a search engine. No direct link needed.

Maybe removing “www.” could solve the problem?
Something like “Sent from my Fairphone, look at:

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I don’t think an URL in the signature will make it go to the spam folder - that would be a very poor spam filter since URLs in sigs are very common.
BTW, there should be a space after the two dashes:


… or maybe this forum software removes them… no it doesn’t.

Just to add another take on this, whenever I saw the ‘sent from my iphone’ I just assumed the sender wasn’t very technical or else they’d have known how to remove it.


Right, that’s what I think too. People wouldn’t know I made the sig myself. Rather, they’d believe it’s the default setting and I’m just a noob without a clue how to change it.

mine is:

“von einem fairphone gesendet.
wenn du ein neues telefon brauchst, kauf dir auch eins:

"sent from a fairphone.
if you need a new phone, also buy one:"

i don’t like the “my XXXphone” expression.
the first “sent from my iphone” were getting on my nerves. with my signature i wanted to create a small counterpole/antipole.

greetings, yvonne

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