Idea: privacy settings for the forum!

Hey there,

as the right to informational self-determination is a part of fairness, I am supprting it as a Fairphone user. My Fairphone is as private as possible but I wonder if there may be a possibility for forum data to manage it and eventually restict people from accessing it - in short: privacy settings.

Ideas for funktions would be:

  • hide your profile/posts from search engines (!)
  • hiding activity
  • just showing personal details like profile picture, real name from people you agreed/interacted with…

There might be several more functions but I cannot think of more right now. A model might be the privacy settings of Facebook (never believed I would compliment them on privacy).

Any thoughts?



I’d oppose such an effort. The Fairphone forum is a public forum. If you don’t want to share your information and opinions, don’t post them, or restrict yourself to PMs.


Of course I was and still am aware that everyone can access what I post and I am fine with it. I just think that there is a difference between sharing your ideas with a certain kind of people (members of Fairphone forum) and sharing it with the whole world. In my opinion there must be a compromise between those extremes. I am concerned that people might not participate due to privacy reasons.

The forum is a public place. It is the place where our community gathers and exchange ideas. We value those ideas and the open place in which they can be exchanged. As you can read in our FAQ you should not write down things you would not want to be on the front page of the Frankfurter Algemeine.

If there is fear for personal data being lost I’d advice to use a nickname, a standard avatar, a fake email address to sign up and if needed use a VPN or TOR to connect to the forum. These are all allowed and I can only encourage them if they allow you to speak more freely.

Clearly this solves not the problem of Stylometry, but explaining the problem to someone else and let them write the post is the most easy workaround here.

I hope you can enjoy the forum and continue to contribute your ideas with these tips.


Dear Douwe,

thank you very much for your reply!

As I wrote[quote=“goody, post:3, topic:17611”]
Of course I was and still am aware that everyone can access what I post and I am fine with it.

I am fine with having my ideas and in that way having my personality revealed. I see that openess is not just a point of the Fairphone device but also of the forum. I think I just had another understanding of the forum. Before @Stefan and you opened up the aspect of openess of the forum as a value to me, I thought it would be an exchange platform inside the community. For me the community became a value after I ordered my Fairphone so I didn’t think that it might be a value for everyone.

I think there are many places in the internet where you spread your data without any use - here in the forum I have clear benefits from it so I am fine with sharing everything I write and like. I wouldn’t say that I am totally convinced of your point of view but I see the advantages of an open forum. So there is no need to change.

I like your consequent realisation of your values - so keep going on that way!




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