Icon Mobile internet active and GPS

Even when i close my mobile internet the icon of my internet seems active (when i shut down i.e. Bluetooth it changes to light grey and the icon striken through). So every time i have to check if it’s on or not.

Is this a bug? Or normal?

And then i cannot find the icon for GPS

This is normal. You use the SIM card not only for mobile internet, but also for calls and SMS (so the SIM card needs to stay active).

It is in the pull-down menu where you find also Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. (In the screenshot just under the airplane, with label “Standort”.) Don’t you have the icon there?

Ah, yes, it’s called Location. I was looking for GPS name
But the other thing still is strange.
If i tic my mobile icon (the icon which with you is Drillisch) it takes me to my mobile internet connection. So i than think that’s what that is about. It would be clearer i think if than the icon is inactive.

But well, still happy :slight_smile: