I want to see an opt-in passcode for turning off yr FP2 feature


Many, many moons ago when my iphone was stolen for the first time I reflected on how to prevent this. I quickly came to an intensely simple yet elegant solution to the widespread thieving of smartphones.

Give the option of having a passcode to turn the smartphone off!

If the thieves can’t turn it off they either have to smash it in sheer frustration (which would give me more satisfaction than allowing the theft) or leave the smartphone behind which would subsequently be easy to trace by the owner (with iphone through Find My Iphone, I forget which app it is on Android). After a while this principle would be widely known and discourage the thieving to begin with.

I’m not sure, but I have heard that in the meantime (cos I’m talking about like… 2012 or something) some companies have started including this option. I wonder how, though, if they use Android as OS because, unless I simply didn’t spot it, I haven’t seen it around our dear yet troubled Fairphone.

In conclusion: does this option exist and I just missed it?
Or can we persuade them to include it?

I have tried reaching out to both Apple (and Fairphone!! Years before I got one (December 2018)), but I was completely ignored.

Did I miss something or can I still take the battery out of a Fairphone 2?


No, I missed something. The very thing you mention, hah.

Since I am a recent Fairphone transplant, I was still in an iphone state of mind, it appears. Because the difference is that you can’t open up an iphone, obviously… So it would be amazingly effective on an iphone and other smartphones you can’t easily open, but yeah, true, this does not apply to our machine :slight_smile:

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Did I miss anything or is it only my phone that needs to be recharged from time to time? :wink:
If you put the phone into a metal box that shields it from all radio waves it doesn’t know where it is and you cannot ask it either. With the phone searching for a network all the time its battery (no matter if built-in or not) will discharge a little bit quicker and then it is just off.

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