I want to finish the F-Droid integration in Fairphone Open

So I’ve been using Fairphone Open for a while now, and it works well. There is only one small thing missing: F-Droid itself is not built into Fairphone Open, only F-Droid Privileged Extension. I’ve made an OTA ZIP package as on option that perhaps could be available in Fairphone Updater, or directly built into Fairphone Open.

Once this is done, then I’d post to the f-droid.org blog about how Fairphone is the only free software, Google-free Android device that anyone can run, no technical skills needed. It would also be the only complete Google-free Android device supported by the hardware manufacturer.

I couldn’t find the Fairphone Open sources to build myself, so I’m asking how to proceed so I can get this done!

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It is documented here: https://code.fairphone.com/

as far as I can tell, the last update of the source code there was
2018-05-01, for the 18.04.1 release.


Yeah unfortunately FP hasn’t released source codes for a while even though @z3ntu and others nag them regularly. :frowning:

Maybe you’ll have a better chance with FP3’s Open OS provided there is one…

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Karsten Tausche 11 Sep 2019 12:14

“We are currently working on preparing our internal setup to be able to release source code of Android 7. We introduced various changes on how we structure our source tree in Android 7 compared to earlier Android versions for FP2. Also, we changed parts of our internal infrastructure and tooling. Therefore, unfortunately the source code release is taking us way longer than anticipated. However, we are nearly there and will keep you posted!”


thanks for the update! Where can we follow the progress?

I guess you can wait for the next statement in the bugtracker issue where I quoted this current statement from.