I want FP2 to be waterproof!

I think the last time there were 3D models around somewhere. On 3dhubs I asked if they will print FP2 cases and they responded that they will wait until there are CAD-models available.


There have been files 3D-printed cases for the FP1:


I really hope they are planning to release the CAD-Files of the Fairphone 2 as well! :slight_smile:
Hey, @anon90052001 can you say something about that? :smile:

Actually, one or two years ago most “flagship” phones had been waterproof to some extent. OEMs have stopped doing that however (except the occasional “outdoor” variants). This feature didn’t seem to be a game changer for customers.

AMHO, it is, exactly, because FP is not a “flagship”… that I think that “our” young brand HAS TO settle down on this new “niche”, the one of the sports and ecologist urban young people… who actually need a waterproof smartphone! :smile:

I would love the idea to get the community involved in some part of the design of Fairphone 2 or its accessories. But right now there are no definite plans on that front to announce. We’ve mentioned that we could get community involvement on the expansion port for instance, but that will come later.

To be continued…


“Roger, Joe, message received 5/5”: OUR community is NOT welcomed for any idea about the conception or design of YOUR produces. We are and have to stay ONLY CUSTOMERS.
Will you please excuse us to have been interested a bit more? We wont do it again… :wink:

I don’t understand if you’re being sarcastic and I’m missing it. We don’t have a platform set up to accept community feedback, but we’d like to see more of it in the future once we get this kind of infrastructure set up.

It could be something like our 3D Hubs collaboration of getting community inspiration and ideas to make 3D-printed cases for the Fairphone 1. But I’m not sure the possibilities of 3D-printed cases for Fairphone 2, it may have to be another kind of accessory. My message was maybe too short before but I just meant to be realistic on the capacity the Fairphone team has to take in community contributions on accessories.

I’ll pass this thread on to our product strategist, @mikiballester, to follow!


Sorry, Joe: my answer was indeed slightly too much reactive and ironic. I know how much FairPhone project is difficult and ambitious, and I should not been, indeed, sarcastic: FP is truly attentive to its community… as well as your message proves it!
So, please, just take my too fast reaction as the expression of my engagement for your idea and of my will to help FP to always design the best products. :smile:
Best regards, RD


OK no worries! :relaxed:

I think it would be a good idea. Maybe not with nanoskin but others ?

FP2 is not waterproof.

I use my phone in an environment of water and mub. My Nexus 6 has a waterproof nano coating. I dropped it in to a vat of veg oil, fished it out, washed it in a stream, shook it and carried on using it. That was 1 year ago and it is still working fine after spending about 10% 0f it’s time either wet or damp and it’s about two years old now.
I would need this and a suitably large battery to move to a Fairphone.
I offer my best wishes to the team for making the fairphone and hope for continued success.

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or just add a water tight casing to the accessories like nearly all main phones offer.
Yes they are expensive, but as someone who spends half the time at work standing in a river I would LOVE a water tight phone and atm I’m limited by having to look if the phone comes with some sort of waterproofing which means I can’t consider the FP2 rn which really really sucks.

I usually use a heavy duty outdoor smartphone by samsung (xcover) which is waterproof. Not because I am an adventurer, but because this is what my daily usage requires (rain, washing, accidents, listen to radio in the bath-tub…) This is the only reason I don’t use FP2! Please make the next FP waterproof, its possible and many people require this (see this thread and many more discussions). This would be my first FP

Hi, I don’t want Fairphone to make a waterproof. Please keep in mind that this often involves a lot of glue and tight sealing, which makes a phone way less repairable. Thus resource usage goes up, not to speak of mediocre recyclability. The most waterproof phones are often the least repairable phones (see iFixit repairability scores).

PS.: Fairphone 2 is the only phone ever that scored the highest rating of 10 out of 10 points.


I wonder if they could add a hydrophobic coating to the circuit boards so that any water that gets in is less harmful.

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