I thought I would have e os on my fp3?

I bought a fp3 after having a fp2. I thought I would have preinstalled /e/ os, but it seems it is not the case .

How Can i migrate from gg Android 10 to /e/ os (which is bases on Android too) ?

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The FP3 and FP3+ come with Fairphone OS (standard Google certified Android) out of the box from the Fairphone Shop and all other sellers – except one: /e/'s own https://esolutions.shop/ The latter shop is the only place where you can buy an FP3+ (the FP3 is no longer produced) with /e/OS preinstalled. If you bought it there, the lack of /e/OS is something you should contact their Support about.

If you bought it elsewhere, you can still install /e/OS yourself. Here’s the set of instructions:


If you think you cannot do it yourself, have a look at this list of volunteer helpers who might be able to assist you:



I would recommend you to use Try the Easy Installer beta

It is really easy :). Maybe already fixed but you should be patient. Phone and Installer are not always synchron, better wait up to 1h+ before you decide that it freezed (sometimes I thought that but waiting have been rewarded), otherwise you could brick (destroy) it.


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