I think my Fairphone commited suicide (solution found)

Today I wanted to switch to OpenOS since I don’t want Google Spyware on my phone (I only need the Play Store). But then I discovered that is impossible to run the Play Store on OpenOS even if you download the apk directly from the intenet, so I used Updater to switch back to ClosedOS (?). But now my phone is black and I am not able to turn it on anymore.
I only used original software from code.fairphone.com.


Moreover, Windows doesn’t detect a proper file system anymore, it says that I have to format it. I didn’t do that.

Don’t do any important changes to your phone, if you have no clue about that all! Read first, then read more, then think about that all, then read even more.
1.) Google-play-store needs Google-services-framework, so installing play-store does nothing.
2.) If you don’t want Google-apps on your phone, start with disabling those apps on your phone. Disabled apps do nothing! And: you can go back very easy …
3.) You can control your phone better by getting root-rights, but for that you have to read, what written here about root.
4.) Your phone knows 3 ways to operate:
a) you press power until it vibrate and the phone works normal
b) you press and hold volume-down and press power. The phone shows the droid and if you connect your phone to a PC you can do several “things” via dos-mode to your phone. Needs many knowledge …
c) you press and hold volume-up and power. The phone shows a kind of terminal with a menu. You can step through the menu-items with volume up and down, chose an item with power. Try “reset to factory” …


PS: Windows can not read the storage on your phone in a normal way until the phone operates normal.

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