I sell my FP2 with 8 month warranty- je vends mon FP2 avec 8 mois de garantie

Hello, (sorry for my english!) I sell my FP2 (july 2019), it comes back from usine (“carte mère” changed and all system removed), so it is like a new ! I sell it 300€ with the protection (blue turquoise).

Bonjour, je vends mon FP2 de juillet 2019, il revient du SAV (décembre 2019) avec changement de carte-mère et reconditionnement d’usine, donc comme neuf. Je le vends 300€ avec la housse de protection bleue turquoise.

N’hésitez pas à me contacter !!!


Hi chloem1,

This is a public forum, accessible to anyone and anything with an Internet connection, so it’s a very bad idea to post your phone number. It’s better to ask people to contact you through a direct message (DM) and give them contact information there as DMs are private and can’t get picked up by shady characters. I’ve removed the phone number from your post to keep you from getting spammed and scammed.


Just for completeness sake.
If you wonder, that there is no DM or PM function.
You need to be a basic user to have access to this function. That’s to keep robots out of this (I guess).
To become a basic user, you just have to do some reading in this forum (about 15 minutes) and do so in a few topics.

If you are contacted by PM, that is irrelevant, as you can reply of course.


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