I quit (but it's not a rant :) )

Hi all,

after being an owner of two Fairphones (both FP1 and FP2) I have to admit I’m (hope temporary) leaving the movement.
It’s not a rant and I’ll continue to follow this forum because this community is the best I’ve ever followed, I’m still interested in Fairphone’s mission but my current device is a bit too much unstable for my current everyday needs (both for private and especially for work use) so I had to buy a “normal” smartphone.
I don’t want to write a long and boring post, so I simply want to thank everyone starting from the mods (@Stefan and @paulakreuzer on top) and all the Fairphone guys, also the support team which was always fast, kind and very responsive for my needs (I also knew one of them last year at “Fà la cosa giusta” fair in Milan and I remember a very interesting chat :slight_smile: ).
Anyway I’m still here to try to support the Italian sub-community with all the knowledge I gained in the last years, although not so frequently as in the past.
I hope to jump again on the ship for new Fair-adventures, and I wish all the best to all.
Thank you very much! :slight_smile:


Hope to see you back soon. And good luck with your new smartphone :wink:


Thank you for your involvement and your great contributions to the community all these years.

Happy to hear you’ll keep on dropping by from time to time and I hope your new phone will stay with you for a long long time :slight_smile:


Well for sure it was not as easy as my FP2 to root…but I eventually did :wink: One point (and not only) for FP :smiley:

I also hope my FP2 will stay nearby me for a long time, I’m trying to sell it locally to some of my friends :wink:


I quited 3 months ago…yes…too much problems and instability.
I sell my FP2!

My brother returned to a “normal” phone for the same reasons. He regrets quitting, but he needs his phone daily for private and business use. :cry:
Sad fact, but good for me, since he will give me his broken phone as a reservoir of spare parts. I’m using my spare phone at the moment, because my FP2 has two problems. Fortunately those parts should work perfectly in my brother’s ex-phone. So I hope I’ll be able to return to my FP2 by weekend. :smile:


Hi @DjDas

Did you tried Lineage os? https://wiki.lineageos.org/devices/FP2

Give it a try to upgrade your phone to Nougat

I’m a Fairphone 1 user still with jelly bean haha

Hope it helps

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Hi @juancoob,
I wanted to, but currently I have very less spare time to do experiments :slight_smile:
Probably I’ll suggest the new owner to do so (with my support :wink: ) but for sure the phone needs a new battery to be more stable and reliable.
Thank you, bye!

Hey, sad to see you leave, but may I ask which phone you got now?
Thanks :slight_smile:Best,

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Sure! I bought a Sony Xperia X dual SIM because I was interested in the possibility to have SailfishOS with Android support, although since currently dual SIM is not supported yet, I’m waiting before buying it :slight_smile:

I also bought it because it seems Sony supports unlocking and playing with the bootloader in order to install different ROMs, but rooting it was not as easy as the FP2 :wink: it took me almost one week of reading posts on XDA and downloading software and firmwares…


thanks for that! I am considering getting a FP2 but am doubting if it can do all I need:

  • decent photos to be used for a professional Instagram account
  • run apps like Spotify, Google maps, Citymappers, facebook, instagram, etc without crashing
  • Surf the net quickly

I don’t think I am asking for anything unreasonable but reading the forum makes me doubt its performance regarding the price and the relatively short lifespan (until 2020) they say it has.

I guess I will decide once more phones are available…


The camera is fine for common usage, but known to not be the best in the market.
Perhaps you could find #community:angels in your vicinity with the improved camera module to let you try whether it would fit your needs or not.

The official Facebook App is known to potentially cause all sorts of trouble on the Fairphone 2. If you are dependent on that (i.e. can’t or don’t want to use an alternative App for Facebook), perhaps it’s better to stay clear (of Facebook I would like to say, but for a depressingly large lot of people that seems to be no option :slight_smile: ).

That’s no problem of the phone. Just get a fitting 4G plan with your provider of choice (preferrably with good area coverage) :wink: .


Running both daily without any issues.


Well, I have no statistics on the reliability of the Fairphone, all I can say is, that forums like this obviously tend to collect all the problems, not representing a real cross-selection of all the Fairphones out there. Add to that the engagement of all those Users here in this forum (I don’t know of another smartphone community like this one here), and you end up with lots of technical discussions of problems and solutions.
I at least have some hope and even conviction, that the majority of phones is working wihout any troubles or at least with minor bugs only.

But I really understand your doubts and that you are hesitant.


Great, thanks everyone! I order the FP2 last week, and am very excited to see it! In the end I decided that the ethical + eco part is too important for me to sacrifice, and I really didn’t want to go back to the iPhone which would have been the next option, both in quality and design,a s well as sustainability according to Greenpeace!

Let’s hope it does what I need it to do and lasts longer than the FP1!! Mine lasted since october 2014 until now, although the last months have been painful.

Best wishes from Barcelona,


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