I often accidentally refuse a phone call

Hi all,

I did a cursory search of the forum, if this particular question was already asked, I apologize.

Anyway, I have this problem where if I receive a call and pull the phone from my pocket I often accidentally refuse the incoming call (we Dutch call it “wegdrukken”) by either hitting the home button or the refuse button. If I am really careful and pull the phone out by its very edges, like one might remove a particularly foul piece of underwear from the basket, I have a good chance of actually answering the call but I look like a complete idiot doing so.

While it doesn’t hamper my overall enjoyment of the phone it is a bit of a nuisance.

Has anyone else had this particular problem?

I sometimes have this problem as well, but only when I’m not using the Apps F2L and AutoScreenOn to lock/unlock the screen with the proximity sensor.
The reason I installed those apps was originally to avoid “pocket dialling” but it also seems to prohibit “wegdrücken” ( :de: )


Same problem very often but immediately message to register call ! No bell, no vibration ! NOTHING ! It’s a problem because I’am General Practitioner !!!