I keep pushing the power button... any idea's?

Hi, having the FP3 now for a couple of days, so maybe it’s just getting used to it…

But whenever I pick up the phone (left or right hand), and trying to authenticate using the fingerprint reader, I keep pressing the powerbutton… with my thumb.
Others have that too?

Should I ‘learn’ another way how to pick my phone :slight_smile:
Did some googling about disabling it, but that seems not (easily) possible, so thought to ask here…
My earlier phone (oneplus one)'s power was on the right (as not left) side… maybe the FP3 designer was left handed :wink:

Anyway, anybody has an idea?

Not using the bumper? With that, the power button needs much more pressure, maybe that helps.

Not an „issue“ for me, by the way, I can easily reach the fingerprint reader with my index finger with my thumb below the power button. And I do not have extraordinary long fingers AFAIK.

You said that it happens when you pick up the phone with the right hand, too. So then it’s probably the middle finger that (unintentionally) presses the power button.

Maybe it’s acceptable for you to (when you pick it up with your left hand) keep/put the thumb on the display first and only put it on the side once you have unlocked it with the fingerprint reader.

Thanks all!

@teezeh mmm, not using the bumper is a little tricky for me… unless I buy other protection :slight_smile: And about thums/reader: I have pretty large hands, but if I keep my thumb below the power button I really cannot reach the reader.

@urs_lesse yes I have to find other habbits at handling my phone. But it’s not only when I pickup my phone, also when I make a phone call or just use it. My thumb is always ON the power button :frowning:
One thing which bothered me is that I had to unlock it so often (was testing fingerprints for that (are those ‘donated’ to Google by the way? Or are these local?))

I’ve been playing now with the zillion Android options for locking/autolocking/automatic screenlock/smartlock etc etc… And try to find a modus that I’m confident with.

Again: thanks for the input. And I would ask for a power button to the right, higher up or on top of the phone for FP4 :wink:

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