I introduce: Free Software Donation Day

I just donated to Framasoft. They are an awesome French free software community that offer tons of free services to replace proprietary and data-stealing projects. Currently they are working on Mobilizon, an event management service that is supposed to replace Facebook Events and work with the Fediverse.


Framasoft is awesome. Thanks for the tip…

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It’s been too long since I have posted here. I still donate regularly, but I have mostly been donating to the same companies.
I am playing around with UBports right now, so I gave them money for the awesome work they’re doing (like many others)!


Well, it’s the end of the year and I have donated to my regular NGOs, but it’s time to donate to some people helping to make my FP2 a happy place!
Framasoft will get some money like every year.
Then smaller donations to F-droid, K-9 mail and DAVx5.

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Most of my donations were earlier this year. I hope I remember them all: Calyx Institute (developers of the Seedvault Android backup), that guy working on open source developments for the FP3 who didn’t even have one at that time, Fairapps, the Internet Archive, PeerTube (IIRC that was for adding live streaming support).

Edit: I’ve just added https://gnuhealth.org/ to the list. Someone on social media recommended them when I asked him about ways to donate to the opensuse project (which GNU health is based on).