I have stripes on my FP2 screen


I have a question:
Has anyone an idea to fix the connect pins (on core module) and the connect plate (on backside of display)?
Because I guess, the connection has not been working correctly since 3 weeks.
I’m getting some stripes very often…
The garantee is already over and I don’t want to buy a new core module.
I cleaned up the connect pins and the connect plate, but after that it is like before…


I don’t have a defective screen (yet) but i’m most interested in how to clean these because I read somewhere that it can impact on battery life since the screen consumes more.
What do you use to clean these parts ?
Maybe the pins don’t always reach the plates, and you have to raise them a bit (very carefully of course) ?

You may want to follow the manipulations detailed here


Hey there,

I cleaned it up with ethanol.


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