I have dropped my Fairphone 3 down the loo

I took out the battery and the SIM card and dried it carefully with a cloth and a hair drier on a cool setting.
I left it to dry out for 5 hours before reassembling and trying to turn it on.
Got as far as blue dots then died.
Any suggestions?
How do I test whether it’s the SIM card that’s damaged or the phone?

You may want to dry for much longer.

Dismantle the phone completely, you no longer have a valid warranty so don’t worry about warnings.

My daughter did the same and dismantled it twice and it has been working since.
5 hours will only dry the outer parts, the damp sinks in it may may take two days. Ensure the hairdryer is on cool.


For detailed breakdown see


Have a look at the #waterwiki for tips.


Most sure it’s the phone as there is hardly any active electronics in the SIM card, but plenty of it in the phone.
Furthermore any undamaged phone should operate properly without a SIM card inserted up to certain carrier services.


The battery may be dead and as mentioned even without a SIM card you should be able to use the phone’s camera, play music, access internet via wifi.

Try a proper dismantle and dry, get the battery tested at a shop if you don’t have a meter.you need at least 3.7v to get the phone started.


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