I flubbed my Fairphone pitch to a friend

Beth is a name not a label isn’t it, her parents did not labeled her, they named her, probably had some symbolism in it, but got lost in time, or maybe not, but probably yes. Label implies meaning, a vegan is someone who does not consume animal products but does consume plant products, for whatever ideological reasons, reasons are labeled too… to add fuel to the fire, some think fish are plants, but that means they are pescatarian, not vegan, I’d say, but that’s me. The brain is an unreliable narrator, it tells all kinds of things to itself, so it could go on, consuming, mostly glucose. Unlike any other organ in the body brain leads a double life, one rational, other highly experimental.
Would I eat an animal if I did not know it was an animal but was told it was an animal — yes, would I eat an animal if I had to kill it — no, because for some reason I don’t like to kill, maybe my Christian upbringing, probably, also Disney, I blame Disney.

I’m actually trying to make a point here to the OP, but maybe he does not understand what I’m trying to say.

Label or name ??

I named my children so I they could be identified by third parties and used words that had connections rather than numbers.

Still I’m loosing how this connect to Brian who is a bit muffed he thinks he muffed so he must feel muffed.

Was it just a warning for us or a narrative for attention.

Brian ~ if you are reading this I hope you are OK as I’m beginning to wish Beth had bought the phone :slight_smile:

OH! Yes Glucose mmm

To further add some off-topic stuff: When cut, vegetables scream, too. We just cannot hear the screams, because the sound waves are in ultrasonic range. (Some vegans might literally freak out when they think of a whole soybean field which is going to be picked…)

So being vegan Beth may say that vegetables don’t have vocal cords and Brian may say the miners and factory workers do. So go with what it easily arguable the miners are more important to maintaining peace and quite.

Many vegan environmentalist would avoid soya beans for other reasons, but yes I have had a difficult time and for many years only ate fruit that dropped from trees. But having to backtrack to growing my veg and cooking I’m not too keen on the idea of getting Beth to change what she chooses to consume.

And on that topic my daughter has just told me she’s had the first encounter with someone who said “Is that a Fairphone?” and before my daughter answered out came “I heard they are pretty rubbish”

I’m happy that Brian doesn’t have a grumbling Beth on his door, worse than a screaming carrot as at least you can’t hear the carrot.

There’s a song by Tool called" Disgustipated". Just throwing it out there…

When I was in school, I did not wear the T-shirts and blue jeans made by certain labels that were “in” at that time, so I became an outsider pretty soon. That said, I think that the confrontation that happened to your daughter regarding her Fairphone shows that, although young people do care about the future (e.g. increasing green energy interests), other interests like having the height of fashion (e.g. clothes and smartphones) are still more important…

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I had a funny conversation with a scammer calling me to upgrade my contract and get a free new phone, he asked me what brand of phone I got, I think I had to repeat ‘fairphone’ about ten times until he gave up, his last words were ‘okay bye’.
If I meet someone who also has a fairphone that’ll be the day… hopefully it will be an attractive girl who is also single lol.

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Well there’s hope for Beth yet, better get your skates on Brian, I’m well out of the picture bye.

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