I don't understand the people app

Hi, i realise that there are multiple topics dealing with the people app, but they are all closed.
The people app, I just don’t get it.

For example, for some entries, when I want to edit them, I get 4 options (edit / share / delete / associate sim-card) whereas for others I get 7 options (edit / share / delete / set ringtone / associate sim card / block incoming calls / place on home screen).

With the 4 options there is not much to edit really, you can change the name, but not add an additional phone nr for example, or an (e-mail) address.

I can’t figure out when it gives me the 4 options or the 7 options, does it have something to do with how data are entered? Needless to say I want the 7 options.

Then there is an entry that gives me the 7 options, a mobile number, and then under ‘WhatsApp’ it says: message (and then the mobile number); WhatsApp call (same mobile number) and that repeats itself 4 times! I can live with the WhatsApp entry (although I think it is rather useless) but I don’t want to see an endless WhatsApp list of the same number.

I read about separating social media entries (Skype, etc) from ordinary phone nrs, but they seem to appear automatically, which I hate. Can I turn that off definitely?

Is there some user friendly equivalent? Just an ordinary contact list, with phone numbers that can be entered and edited and no automatic updating with WhatsApp numbers, Skype addresses, Yahoo addresses etc. I don’t need that in my contact list, and if so, I would like to do that manually.

Long story but it drives me insane (I don’tlike clutter) and this time google can’t help me :smile:


I think the 4 and 7 options number could be related to where the contacts are stored:

  • the full 7 options are only available to contacts that are stored on or synced to the phone via a supported service or app (like davdroid or google contacts)
  • Contacts stored on the SIM cards only get 4 options.

I just verified this with my Fairphone and for me, that is true. Contacts stored on the sim should have a small sim card on the profile picture in the contact list.

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Considering Skype, WhatsApp and other services, I think you should check the app options if you can find any way to turn syncing off. (I’m not using any of these ATM, so I can’t walk you through it, but Auntie Google should be able to help, if it’s possible to turn it off at all.)

This should hopefully also help to get rid of the multiple WhatsApp entries. What a nuisance.

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Hi thanks! I turned off Skype, Whatsapp seems to be somewhat more complicated… I’ll leave a message on the Android Forum as well to find out.

Thanks, that is useful. So I should store all contacts to the phone. Stored on the sim card isn’t really useful then, because you cannot edit the entries.