I don’t get notification about the USB connection

Hello Fairphone-friends,

I have just bought a new Fairphone 4 and I want to exchange some files via USB.
But I don’t get the notification about the USB connection after swiping down from the top end of the screen. Only the charging symbol in the right top of the screen is visable in the battery symbol. So charging is OK.

I also tried the developer options and change the standard USB configuration from charging to file transfer. This didn’t solve the problem either.
To my old FP2 the cable lets me transfer files, so the USB cable is OK, I suppose.

I have searched the Forum but can’t find any solution yet.
But with a little help from my Fairphone-friends I still hope to solve this problem.

Anyone? Many thanks in advance!

Regards, René

Hmmm, as far as I know the FP2 uses micro USB, whereas the FP4 uses USB-C? So there is no way you are using the same cable? Can you elaborate?

I use a magnetic connector, so I can exchange USB-C and micro USB.

Can you test that the magnetic insert is working as intended? Maybe try using it with a different device? USB uses different lines for power and data transfer, if the cable is a known good one there is probably something wrong with the USB-C insert :thinking:

If you happen to have a spare USB-C cable you could also use it to make sure, that it is not a FP issue, but that is a lot less likely I’d assume

The magnetic insert is working for charging with FP4. And for charging&flies transfer for FP2 with the micro USB connector. So only the USB C connector may not be decent
Unfortunately I don’t have a spare USB-C cable.
So I think I’ll have to go to the and buy another non-magnetic USB-C cable.
Thanks for your swift reply. I’ll keep you informed later.

It should be: So I think I’ll have to go to the shop

Yeah, but charging and data are somewhat independent. A bit simplified, but one could say, that there is a small wire running through the cable for each of the connectors on the USB-C port. If one of the small wires in the insert is broken, you are out of luck.

Before you go out and buy a new cable, you could also try to rotate the insert. In some circumstances orientation can actually matter for data transfer. Don’t get your hopes up though, that mostly applies to a few edge cases using USB 2.0.

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There is difference in cables. There are charging cables and data cables. Data cables can also charge.
Charging cables can not exchange data.
If a data cable doesn’t work turn the cable. My magnetic data cable has a light at the magnetic plug. If the light is on the right the cable doesn’t work.
Is the light on the left the cable works.

Interesting to know that this is by design. Good to know, I’ve never used a magnetic cable before

But File transfer to my FP2 works so the cable is ok for data transfer.

I tried another USB C insert and also rotation… unfortunately both don’t work.

Yeah, but the wires are also in the insert :slight_smile:

Then I’m out of ideas unfortunately, sorry :confused:

I tried another USB C insert and also rotation of the plug… unfortunately both don’t work.
The light is on the up/downside.

Thanks for your effort…I go to the shop and let you know the final solution.

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Thanks for your effort, too!

This is an Android issue. The default status when connecting a USB cable to an Android phone is “charge mode”, if you wish to change to data transfer mode, simply go to “Settings”, “connected devices” select “USB” (it should say “Charging this device” below USB) you should then be offered a number of options including “File transfer”. Good luck.

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Can you post a link to the specific plug/cable you are using? This is pretty weird. I use some pretty basic magnetic plugs from AliExpress myself and it works absolutely fine (albeit only USB 2.0 speed).

I repeat what I said above. This is simply an Android settings issue. By default USB is used to charge.

As @renew stated in the first post:

The option to switch to file transfer is supposed to be accessible in the USB notification. But it’s not showing. That’s the problem. It seems that either the magnetic plug or the cable is faulty. A different cable will most likely fix this. There may also be something wrong with the phone itself. This is by no means standard behavior.

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So just go to settings and change it there.