I can't modify my contatcs

Hi everyone!
I have a quite basic problem. I just can’t modify any of my contacts, for example change a name or add a number to an existing contact.
Can anyone help, because it’s a bit annoying. Thanks a lot.

If you want to edit a contact, you can do this through the ‘People’ app

Tap on the contact you want to edit
Then tap the settings button far left down on your phone and you get 7 options. The first option is 'edit'
Tap on 'edit'

You can also edit an existing contact through the ‘Phone Dialler’ app

Tap on the picture against the contact (or if there is no picture, the space where the image would appear)
The contact will load a new screen, again tap on the image of the contact
The contact will now load in the 'People' app. Tap the settings button at the bottom left of your phone
Tap on 'edit'

Thanks for the fast reply. Just to make sure, I have to instal one of these apps first. It’s not something my phone should already be able to do ?

I just use the PEOPLE app that comes with the phone, it works fine for me.

The people app and the Phone dialer app are installed on the phone by default.

Sweet, I got it now. After I tapped on a contact no extra button appears, it’s the always existing double rectangle button below the ‘screen’ …
Thanks everyone!

Glad you solved this.

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