I can't make phonecalls, the microphone remains mute

I got my fairphone 2 weeks ago, and after accidentally tapping on the mute button while talking on the phone, I can’t get it to switch back. If I’m calling somebody, the other person won’t hear me. If somebody calls me it works fine. I tried updating the Software and setting the phone up completely new. Any good ideas what this could be and how I could it get back to working ? A mute phone is not what I need.

Can’t you simply tap the mute button again during a call to unmute the microphone?

Hi Paul,
Of course I tried that - with no effect. What’s weird is that I get the
mute sign with every contact in my contact file. Reilly weird.

Did you you already try the following: Settings–>Apps–>All–>Dialler, select “clear data” and “clear cache”. May that resets your phone app.

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