I can't log on to the web shop


I’ve been trying to log in to the web shop for awhile now, but it dosen’t work. It just loving forever until I give up. I’ve try to change my password, but the same thing is happening there. It just loading forever. I’v tried to login on another computer or even to make a new account, but nothing helps.

What am I doing wrong?

Strange. It works for me.

If you are using Firefox, try to restart without add-ons enabled (it’s in the help menu). I guess Chrome, IE, Opera etc. have similar options. If it works, you can try to identify the culprit by turning of add-ons one by one, and restarting the browser every time.

I more or less frequently have trouble with some sites due to some add-ons or security settings, especially sites using cross-site scripting or embedded media. Most of the time, it’s a sign that I don’t want to visit the site, anyway. But the FP webshop, well, that’s a bummer. :smiley: