I can't get 3G on my FP2, Help!

Hi i have FP2 bought from Fairphone, originally I used The Peoples Operator but changed due to poor customer services, now with Phone Coop but although I have entered their settings I still can’t get 3G; I’m on EE network the website says the signal is good Help please

Do you have two SIM Cards?
If so you have to disable 3G/4G on the other SIM.
If not all I can think of right now is to double check the APN settings.

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Hi Paul, thanks; I only have one SIM and the provider says the APN settings are correct

Hi Paul me again; how can I check it’s even on/activated properly? Bit basic I know :slight_smile:

What do you mean with on / activated? You can check the toggle in the data usage settings. Mobile data should be switched on of course. Does your sim work in another handset or do you get the same results? On some providers, you need to activate a data plan to be able to connect to the net or you specifically need to activate the data option for your sim card by sending a specific ussd-code. Could you tell us exactely what provider and tarriff you are using and in which country you are in? Then maybe we can figure out what the problem is…



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Hi there, well I think I have managed to switch 3G on at last, I had to switch on data roaming and something else (can’t quite remember now) but at least it works. I possibly should have known but it wasn’t obvious to me; still now it’s done :slight_smile:

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There are some providers that use more than one network. In these cases, sometimes it is indeed necessary to allow data roaming, even if you’re not abroad.

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