I can't find widgets!

Hi The recently used/Recently used widget/panel has disappeared and the FP1 help stuff doesn’t work on an FP2 Any suggestions people

Tap and hold on the home screen.

Hi there thanks for replying; the rubbish/trash bin appeared and the phone app icon has appeared on a new panel/screen but no widgets yet, unfortunately

Maybe you didn’t tap on a free space but on contact widget?

Well it’s sorted CONGRATS!! I have to tap and hold a blank-ish screen, not the screen with the Google search bar :smile

You have to long tap on an empty spot on one of your home screens. Then it will look like on my screenshot. There’s this widgets button where you can enter the menue. Hold and drag the selected widget to the homescreen or to the right if you don’t have enough space or want o create a new homescreen.