I can't charge my FP3

Ok maybe is my fault. After the reparation of the screen, that has worked Well, I have put my FP3 in charging. For a reason that i don’t remember I have remove the battery during the charging.
From that moment the phone will not accept to be carged.
Changed adapter. Nothing.
I have buy a new battery. But the charge didn’t work.
Changed the bottom module. Nothing.

Whit a charged battery the phone work, the problem is the charging of that battery…

Could I do something for fix this problem?

(I lost two FP3 screws… maybe are those two the problem?)

Hi @R3st and welcome to the Fairphone community :slightly_smiling_face:

It’s important to have stated from the start, that you removed the battery while it was charging … which I’m afraid was a silly thing to do. :face_with_raised_eyebrow: - but thank you for being honest about it! I’ve no idea what the consequences might be (and I think there’s probably few of us who have experience of this … :wink:) so you’ll need specialist support I expect. See the support page.

One thing you can try, is to turn off the phone, disconnect the USB cable, remove the battery and leave the phone with no battery for 24 hours. Then insert a partially charged battery, if you have one, or otherwise fully-charged, and start the phone. Once the phone’s up and running, plug in the USB cable and hope for the best.

You should certainly replace the two missing screws. Ask support about that too, or maybe post a specific request in the forum to see if anyone with a totally dead phone could help. I don’t know whether the screws are the same as in the previous models … I’m sure one of the community members will be able to let us know!

Please do post back here and let us know how you get on. Keep in touch, other people will be posting here with better advice than mine.


Actaully @OldRoutard I think you just about covered everything.
First as you mentioned a good idea is to try and get hold of a charged/partly charged battery to see if the phone will turn on.

If it does then it’s all about the charging and the missing screws may be relevant to poor contacts. Fairphone will send spare screw there are posts about that. But at this point it also may be better to send the phone off for repairs.

Finnaly failure to charge can just be debris in the port.

If you @R3st can access a voltmeter you could check the battery voltage if it’s over 3.3V it should be enough to start the phone 4V would be ideal. If you do find a ‘good’ battery to test check the voltage before insertion and after if the phone doesn’t work, as any drop in the voltage would indicate a short circuit.


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