I cannot view posts on mobile when logged in

At this moment yes (writing this very post on Firefox for Android).

But still sometimes (without a pattern, which I can see) the blank page displays. Look at my log in the original post. Maybe you could look at the Discourse log files and she if there is an error at the times mentioned by me.

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Just to let you know, I’m still getting this problem. “Request desktop site” fixes it - but leaves some features very hard to use (such as the text-entry box I just typed this in).

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Today I got it working by clicking “Desktop Site” in Firefox Mobile and then unchecking the option again.

this really sux.
I’m on my brothers laptop atm because with my phone I can’t post on any topics I posted before, I created or I was mentioned or cited in.
It doesn’t work with firefox 35.0, ff beta 36.0, ff aurora 37.0a2 nore the preinstalled browser. requesting desctop site doesn’t help either.

I’m still getting this and have to request the desktop site, which makes typing hard. Also admin features are not available, when I have to use the desktop site on the FP.

I’m no longer using Firefox Mobile as it will not be on F-Droid much longer and they recommend the Antifeature-free build Fennec F-Droid.
With Fennec I didn’t experience the problem yet (but I just installed it today) and I do have access to admin features while using the desktop site (whether I check “request desktop site” in the browser or I click “desktop view” in the forum’s menu)

Ok, I did not check the other admin options. What does not work is that I can’t move posts after I have selected them (or at least I couldn’t find the appropriate button…).

Sorry you’re right. The admin button is there but I can’t really use any of the admin functions. Neither in mobile nore in dektop view.

If you click right below the name during the selection process (in mobile view), you are able to select a post. It is really hard, but you get into it. :slight_smile:

I don’t get this anymore. It seems to have been sold during the latest upgrade of our Discourse software. I set this on auto close. If you still get this error, you have two weeks to reply.

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