I cannot take photos

Hey: I experience these issues. Has someone found a fix?

Upon inserting my SD card into my fairphone, it was unable to “read” it and formatted it. Even after i formatted it, the Fairphone didnt know how to access it.

I’ve used my phone anyway.

First, there was no problem.

Then when i took a photo, the photo would show up all black in the thumbnail, and if I went to see it in “Photos”, it would too be all black and never load.

Then i tried to remove the SD card just in case that my photos were being saved at a “corrupted” spot.

Now, i can’t take photos. When i open the app, the camera works, but if i press the “capture” button, nothing happens.

I’ve tried to go to settings > storage > photos and format the storage and the cache, but i still can’t take photos.

Can anyone help me?

An SD card can be formatted in two ways on the FP3. The option probably suggested first by your operating system is “phone storage” (or similarly, also known as “interal storage”) which makes it some sort of inseparable part of the phone’s own internal storage. I won’t discuss the pros and cons of this for now, but just say that we have kept hearing on this forum that this way to format the card keeps causing all sorts of issues.

I recommend you reformat your SD card to mobile/portable/external storage (the other option). The SD card can be used to move data from your phone’s built-in internal storage to the card, it becomes something like your phone’s additional mass storage medium.

Once you have reformatted it, you might still need to get rid of the (now empty) “corpse” of the previous way it was formatted by (virtually) ejecting that icon from Settings > Storage.

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Thanks urs_lesse!

That solved the problem.

I wouldn’t have guessed that the SD card was still causing trouble even after i removed it and formatted the internal storage.

I reinserted the SD and still could not take photos, but after formatting it as external, my camera app works again.

Thanks again and have a nice day.


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