I cannot charge my Fairphone 2

I cannot charge my Fairphone 2 (which is therefore turned off). It is not the transformer (which I changed and checked with another phone) nor the wire (because connected to the PC it works), but I imagine the connection between wire and phone.
What can I do? How to fix it? What advice do you give me? Two days without a phone are good, but I can’t do more …
Thanks so much

It can be the bottom module. Unfortunately this is no longer for sale.
You might check if there’s debris in the USB port (so try to clean it). If it’s broken you can just try to search for replacement on the used parts market or let it repair (but that has it’s price).
You might also try to contact a #fairphoneangel to confirm it’s caused by a broken bottom module


As Volker says, could well just be dust and dirt in the USB port. Try cleaning with a vacuum cleaner (small brush tool) and / or wooden or plastic toothpick. If you’re looking to replace the bottom module, check out the current offers.


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