I can not switch on my FP2

I tried a new battery and ddiferent chargers but there is not any signal :frowning:

A little more info would be good so we can help you.

  • What happened before?
    • Did the battery drain to 0%?
    • Did the phone fall?
  • With “not any signal”, do you mean no LED, no vibration and no backlight on the display?
  • Can you still get into #dic:fastboot and detect the phone from your computer?

Shooting blind here I’d try to #disassemble the screen and clean the contacts.


The problem was solutioned with step2. Thank you!

Step 1: try out different chargers and check your USB port

First things first: let’s make sure your charger and USB cable are not failing. We wrote a support article about charging equipment, please read it carefully and make sure to follow every suggestion listed. You can also to try and charge your Fairphone using a PC or a laptop.

Another thing you want to check is the USB port on your FP2. Make sure it is not too dirty or full of lint. You can clean it up using a very thin needle, for example. Lint build-up can disrupt the connection between the cable and the charger, keeping you from charging your device.

Do you have access to a second FP2? If you have a friend who owns a Fairphone, you should try the following:

  • Does your phone charge their battery?
  • Does their phone charge your battery?

NOTE: Do make sure to try everything you can. The results of these tests can make the difference between having a working device within a day - buying a new charger or cable is easy - and sending the phone to us for repair, which may take up to two weeks.

If all fails, don’t panic and keep reading.

Step 2: the boot loop test

Remove the battery and connect the device to the charger. At this point, the device should enter the following loop:

  1. The Fairphone logo appears on the screen.
  2. The display turns off and the LED on the top left corner shortly blinks red.
  3. The phone vibrates.

If your device doesn’t behave as described, please take note of what is happening. This information might help us understand what is failing.

Step 3: remove and reinstall the bottom module

Open the device and remove the bottom module. All you need is a Phillips # 0 screwdriver.

Once the module is out, we’d like you to take some pictures.

You can then reinstall the module inside the phone. Before installing the display, please take some extra pictures:

Now reassemble the phone and test it one more time by performing steps 1 and 2.

Do you have access to a second FP2? If you have a friend who owns a Fairphone, you should try the following:

  • Install their bottom module inside your phone. Does your phone charge now?
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