I am unable to use my phone and i have just received it

I received a fairphone on the 24th of september and i am unable to use it.
-1st,i ordered a FP3+ but my device says it is FP3
-It worked ok for a couple of days and now everytime i put a sim card in,it does not boot.
-It boots sometimes without a sim card in,but sometimes it doesnt when it is it.
-I have tried to contact the support team several times with no luck
-I have tried to call them and they say lines are busy and they hung up
Very frustrating and very unfair i want my money back!

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I feel you, and I’m sorry for you. This is not normal at all.

How long ago, how many times? This is not normal.

On the box it says FP3? Or in the information of the phone available in the settings?

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Sorry to hear that the phone does not work with your SIM card. Is this a fairly recent SIM card? If not I would suggest you get a new SIM card, your provider can help with that.


Welcome to the community IsaLaza!

I also feel really sorry for you…

Regarding this issue, if your phone has cameras with white round lines around them, and if the speaker module’s logo is surrounded with 2 circles, and an opaque black backcover (EDIT: plus, no bumper in the box and “Fairphone 3+” written on it), then it definitely should be a FP3+.

Wether the FP3’s software is installed on it or if it is the same for both has to be determined.


In Settings > About phone, the FP3+ is also identified as “FP3”, and the same in Settings > About phone > Device name (if you didn’t set a different device name yourself) as well as in Settings > About phone > Model & hardware). So that seems to be normal (it’s like that on the FP3+ I am holding here).

An FP3 (without the +) would have a white “FAIRPHONE” lettering on the back cover.


Thank you for that. The letters on the back cover are black,but not sure what the point is of sending you a phone which is FP3 when it is a FP3+…it doen not make much sense to me.

The FP3 and FP3+ are very similar. The differences are better cameras, better speaker and more recycled plastics and fair materials in the FP3+. Apart from this, they are quite the same. The FP3+ is not a “new phone” like some big brands do, it’s an upgraded version of the FP3 which is retro-compatible.


thank you ALex,that is helpful

I have also tried to reboot in safe mode and it does exactly the same thing…still trying to boot. I have also sent a request to return the phone and it does not look as it has taken it…does anyone know t the company actually exists? i am actually thinking it no longer does? It is sooooooo frustrating

Did you receive a confirmation mail of your support ticket? Do you have a ticket number? If not, you may want to resend the request to support.

Hi Isabel,

what provider do you have, how old is your SIM card? Have you tried putting it into SIM slot 2 (just to exclude a hardware issue with Slot 1)?

Best wishes, I am pretty optimistic that you will get your FP3+ up and running nicely!


I have sent 2 requests to return the phone with no confirmation email.I have sent 6 emails to costumer service,and i have received a confirmation email from each them,but no reply so for.1st one sent on the 25th of september. very,very dissapointing,and very time and energy consuming.

@rae could you look into this?

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Hi @IsaLaza ,

Sincere apologies for the experience you’ve had so far. Following the launch of our Fairphone 3+ and our Android 10 release, our Customer Support team is experiencing a significant increase in the number of support requests and are doing their best to get back to everyone as soon as possible.

If your request has successfully gone through, you should have received a 6-digit support ticket number. If so, could you share this number with me? I could then ask a member of the Customer Support team to check the status of your query and loop back to you.



Hello Rae
I haven´t received anything yet.
I have just asked again.
Thank you

Hi Isabel,

As soon as you create a ticket using the contact form on our website, you should automatically receive an email containing your ticket number. Is it likely this email might have gone to your spam folder?

If not, feel free to pop me a DM with your email address and I’ll ask the team to do a search. :slight_smile:



Hello Rae

Not very sure which you are referring to.

I contacted costumer support team 7 times, i have received a confirmation ticket for each of them.I got a reply to one of them on mnday (my 1st mail was sent on th 25th of september) but only 1 reply for all of them,and nothing seems to have moved forward at all after that

I think from this reply a ticket number was created,on monday,i asked something again,and that´s it…no reply

I tried to fill in a returns form but i did not received a confirmation email,it did not work

Basically, i´ve had enough, and i see little support on fairphone´s side despite my patience…it´s been almost a month that i have been without a phone now.

I want my money back ASAP…but it looks like that will not be easy either.


Hi Isabel,

Thanks for your patience thus far. In order for me to follow up on this, I need to give my colleagues in the Customer Support department either a support ticket number or your email address. This way, they will be able to locate your requests in the system.

Could you please send me a private message containing the email address you provided when you created the previous support tickets?

Many thanks,


Hello Rae
This is the numbre 389122

I have received an email today to say the return process has been started and i should received the documents in 1 or 2 days.
Thank you