HTML entities showing on preview but not in final posts

I know some HTML entities for writing special characters on websites and not having to execute complex key combos on my keyboard.

For example:

  • — shows a —, – shows a –
  • © and &trade are rendered as © and ™
  • … is the correct ellipse char not rendering three normal dots (...).
  • ⋮ is useful for three dots Android menus, ⋮

The point is, when I write one of those in the editor, it is shown fine on the preview, but once I publish the post, then some entities are escaped and shown as text instead. I need then to edit the post and copy special characters from the preview to the compose box, replacing entities…

Example test: “You need to tap on some setting… I don’t remember the Android™ icon right now —he was obviously refering to ⋮”

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