[HOWTO] ✏ Compiling Fairphone Open OS / Rooting

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Hi guys!
Could someone update the wiki post above to the newest version (17.02.)?
Many thanks for considering my request!

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@Matthieu, how are you checking out repositories and how are you building? My guess is that building from any NTFS partition will fail. Maybe build inside a virtual machine? Or completely work inside the docker image (without mapping the filesystem to a host path).

@jftr thanks for the followup. I’m building on an ext4 partition, following this page HOWTO (and the official one):

$ pwd
$ mount | grep -w /data
/dev/sda4 on /data type ext4 (rw,nosuid,nodev,relatime,data=ordered)
$ repo init -depth 1 -u https://code.fairphone.com/gerrit/fp2-dev/manifest -b fp2-sibon
$ repo sync -c
$ wget https://code.fairphone.com/downloads/FP2/blobs/fp2-sibon-17.02.0-blobs.tgz
$ md5sum fp2-sibon-17.02.0-blobs.tgz
c55d9f9eb1d25b2e7633960fe3915491  fp2-sibon-17.02.0-blobs.tgz
$ tar zxvf fp2-sibon-17.02.0-blobs.tgz
$ sh fp2-sibon-17.01.0-blobs.sh # The extracted file is 17.01.0
$. build/envsetup.sh
bash: build/envsetup.sh: ligne 1: syntax error near unexpected symbol « $'{\r' » # Freely translated from french
'ash: build/envsetup.sh: ligne 1: `function hmm() {

Back in the old days when I was still on Windows 7, I had setup an Ubuntu VM and was able to build the whole thing without trouble. Now that I’m back on Ubuntu 16.04 for development, I was thinking I could do it directly on it, as I have most of the packages already installed anyway.

Can it be some git eol setting?

By default git is supposed to checkout files appropriate for the system you are working on. That said, apparently many people run into issues there. Stackoverflow is full of these kind of questions. Maybe you can find a solution there. Did you start from scratch or did you copy the repository from your Windows machine?

@jftr No I did it from scratch. I’ll see what I can find on SO though. Thanks!

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Is the wiki post up-to-date? If not - can anybody update it? Would be great!

I don’t think so - the last update was ~9 Months ago.

But since the build-instructions are on code.fairphone.com, there is no need to update them here: