How will you get Jolla Sailfish onto the Fairphone 2?

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You can describe the problem.
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Can you go back (for testing) to Google FP OS to check if your phone hardware/sim is alright? You might need to return your device or get a new sim card. I think at least with one SIM card the phone should work “normally” with all operating systems. Not that hardware issues ruin all your testing fun.

Thanks for the participation! -but im shure that it worked in the first days befor i flashed the phone. So it has to be some software pice that im lacking since then. There is at least one more voice here that described the same (no idea where i read that) so im still hoping that the new blobs ( from code.fairphone.com ) will solve that somehow. I will rebuild with the latest beta flash and test that first and then try if sailfish works as well…

If you compare the checksums of the tar bin blobs, you will see that they still the same files. The problem was they were copied to the wrong location, but we fixed that already in the wiki before FP released the new blobs.

i can’t follow. from wich blob version and what location are you talking?

Hope this helps. I compared both released bin blobs tar balls. The md5 sums are the same, only some locations (where the files get copied to) changed.

ah ok so you are talking about the v2.0.0 to v2.0.1.
There is a 2.0.2 available i thaught you maybe are talking about that.

What i did:

  1. i loaded this FP2 .img Version with fastboot:
  2. Then i loaded the beta 1.2.8 from sdcard.

I have done those tests and also the Fairphone Recovery 1.1.7 does the same and the display goes dark after starting a call what makes it impossible to hookup the call then. Picking the call on the called phone and audio between those two phones works. Just the display on my Fairphone side stays dark what ever i press or do and it doesn’t lit up until the called phone (not Fairphone) hooks up… After the call the display of my Fairphone lights up again…

Then i installed Sailfish again and now i can call without that the display goes dark.
Seams strange to me…

Really? I can’t see a 2.0.2 anywhere, this is all that is available. Or did people found new blobs in the new beta?


But as @riffraff already pointed out, there are also issues with the proximity sensor during calls. So one has to be careful not to mix/confuse root causes.

Here is some more info on the Sailfish alpha release and a more detailed manual for the installation:

Some facts quoted from the article:

Dual sim functionality:

  • Sailfish OS 2.0.2.x Aurajoki is expected to be released by the end of
    April for the Intex Aqua Fish launch, bringing in for example Dual SIM
    support also useful for Fairphone 2.

Commercial parts of Sailfish OS:

  • Commercial parts of Sailfish OS: Android support, Exchange Active Sync
    and Text Prediction are not included due to licensing reasons. Another
    open source solution for Android apps exists, but that is not yet
    available for Fairphone 2

Just go to code.fairphone.com and copy the download link of 2.0.1 then edit it to 2.0.2 and voila… :grin:
if you could analyse the md5 i wold apreciate.
You are right its not clear if its a Hardware or software mailfunktion to me. It could be pure luck that it now works.
@riffraff, thanks for the pointers. I was already missing Exchange. And of course Whatsapp support trough Android support as well… Does any of the unoffical Whatapp Jolla Apps work with the Fairphone 2. I wasn’t able to make any running…
Regards, Novski

I will look into it, but honestly I don’t find this very interesting because we can’t change or debug them.

I really would prefer “bin blobs” with a Changelog … One can still hope, right? I think we should stop calling the files bin blobs (stuff to get hardware running through some kind of software interface). The tar ball also contains proprietary services and apps (jar & apk files) and libs …

You’re welcome :slight_smile:

Just out of interest - is there also the screen flickering issue at low brightness with Sailfish OS?

Oh my god, it works!

Out of curiosity - does Sailfish OS support encryption of user data?

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If I understand correctly, there is currently no way of getting android apps working for now ?
I don’t know sailfish at all and I can’t find any information on apps… If we can’t install android apps from f-droid or other android stores, how can we get apps ?
Really flash it and see, but if I can’t get my existing features I would have to rollback quite soon…

no Android stuff doesn’t work jet.
They say by end of April it may get a release.
Cross your fingers it will be ready alredy then… :slight_smile:
@riffraff, I didn’t see the flickering but i also didn’t look active.
I tried to change brightness and the fader was verry sensitve.
Because i already reflashed i can’t say until about Friday. But i will have a look.
Regards, Novski

Not as an easily consumable solution no.

There are a couple of places you can get apps, the main one being the Jolla store but that doesnt work on all ported devices yet, and another is a community store called Open-Repos.net where you can install their Warehouse client.

What kind of apps do you want? there arent any official apps for popular services and so all the third-party clients have their own names


Ok thank you for the info. I think I will have to wait then… I was thinking for example some “small” proprietary apps like local public transportation apps, maybe banking apps, etc… But also stuff that might be “not so usual” like owncloud client, caldav/carddav, remote Transmission app, etc.

The last few are existing. OwnCloud exists in the Jolla store and card/caldav is native integrated as a account.
But your rigth i will lack the local transport app as well. Are you swiss? :grin:

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But your rigth i will lack the local transport app as well. Are you swiss? :grin:

Nope, French !
But what surprises me is: isn’t there a way to see the sailfish app store online ? I would think that a non-android os would want to show potential users that they already offer main apps, to convince…

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