How will you get Jolla Sailfish onto the Fairphone 2?

Well, I tried installing Threema as an APK from their website. It didn’twork out. There are some other installing packages, maybe you could try. I already wrote a message to Threema and asked about aport to SF OS but I don’t believe that they would do that much work for a small group like us. Normal SF users can even install Android apps so for them is no need, justfor us until april, whenthe official FP version with android app support is published. But we still can hope…!

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I don’t really understand what you mean. In my case, Jolla store worked perfectly.

Thanks for your opinion! I have my doubts too that there will be a Threema version for SFOS. So I’m just going to wait more ore less patiently what the final SFOS port will look like. :slight_smile:

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okay, i did it !
Writing to you from sailfish now, using the build available above.
So far it is all nice and pretty, but… How can I use multiple email accounts ?
Now I have my answer: very few apps available in the jolla store, android apps feel kind of required to me (at least f-droid pleaaase).

I have to say, feels weird to use this system which feels a lot like “use it how we want you to” (apple style) on a device promoting openness…

Installation was really easy though, 3 commands and 10 min to someone already having fastboot. Interesting to try !

I will keep it for now I think, ask your questions if you have some and I will do my best to give my candid feedbacks and answers.

Now lets dig in this app store…

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wow, already scrolled through all available apps…
Curiously there are 2 remote transmission clients, a base64 encoder app, but… No other browser or email client :’(

I have to say appart from this apps issue, the system feels quite nice to use. After some time to get the gestures

edit: my bad, just found out how to add other emails accounts ! Nice !

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Web cat and web pirate are alternative browsers, web pirate being the better of the two

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I will wait for the official way to put Sailfish in the Fairphone, with Alien Dalvik. Hoping it’s coming soon!

There is Fahrplan in which you can choose SBB as backend.

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What does that mean? Does it take a lot of fiddling around with the system, or can it be done easily with some commands?

In my opinion encryption is a very important aspect particularly for a mobile device.

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Hi guys,
I was so happy to install Sailfish OS instead of Android, the only problem is, since I did it, my sim card is not detected.
I put it in the slot 1 and 2 for the same result. Any idea?
Could it be because I am in New-Zealand? It use to work with Android.
Thank you for your help

There’s a few options of differing complexity I guess, most of which nobody has done any work in developing or integrating with the Sailfish UI but ultimately they should work.

Sailfish is GNU/Linux, and so any encryption methods available on various distros (dm-crypt, LUKS, TrueCrypt .etc) can be made to work, however due to the peculiarities of the Jolla Phone its a bit harder to do filesystem type stuff so not many people have been investigating this type of stuff.

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I am sure you will get used to it very fast. It is very intuitive! Only problem is that we all are used to android/iOS/whatever for several years. After my Jolla died I had to get used to iOS again, which took much longer than the other way round. I always tried to swipe to get back on my old iPhone 4 which of course doesn’t work. :wink: Additionally, on openrepos there are a lot of patches to make it work the way you want. Albeit not being completely open-source, you can customize it very much, so in fact there is a lot of openness.
I really love the workflow and are superhappy that the porters have done the work.

Have fun with it!


I have to say i like the look and feel.
However, what bothers me is:

  • Not knowing if apps I install are open source or not
  • Not knowing what data an app can access (contacts ? location ? anything ?)
  • Not finding a good gps maps app
  • having the default mail app not rendering responsive emails correctly, forcing to zoom in and ou manually
  • Not finding how to select text of a page to copy paste in the default browser
  • Having found only 1 torchlight app after seeing its not a built-in option, and it does not work

To be honest, I don’t think you can say the phone is not limited without android support… hope it will come soon ! The system and UI feel worth it.

edit:when clicking on the “where am i” link, it says something about a missing sailfish os maps package; anyone knows anything ? am i missing a default maps app ?

Hi there,

I just installed Sailfish OS on my FP2. Everything works well, but I got just 2G network (vodafone Germany).

Any ideas?

1 day later: I searched for a solution in internet and what I found is: the network mode depends on the quality of the network (see e.g.

The network mode setting on my FP2 was ‘Prefer 3G’. There was no option 4G. But after I typed the following command in the terminal:
dbus-send --system --print-reply --dest=org.ofono /ril_0 org.ofono.RadioSettings.SetProperty string:“TechnologyPreference” variant:string:"lte"
I got 4G :slight_smile:
But please be aware by doing that. Maybe there is a reason, why the 4G option wasn’t included…

Hi, first ensure you have the correct settings for your provider:

  1. Settings > System settings > Mobile network > Tap and hold on the provider name > Edit
  2. Check that your APN (2nd line) is If not, edit that in there
  3. If your provider requires login, add those lines as well
  4. Flick to left with your finger (anywhere on the screen) to accept
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Most are, but of course not all. Usually there’s a github link for the open source ones somewhere in the description.

There is no native app permission framework, all apps can access everything.

The Jolla maps app is proprietary licenced from HERE Maps and isn’t included in community ports, othewise there is Maep, Poor Maps, and Modrana are on offer from the community.

You’re all welcome to join us on and suggest things you think are missing, but do use the search function as most obvious things have been raised already.


Does it on FP2?
This is significant to me, because on my FP1 I never experienced any crash for the last two years…

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Some people reported that kind of issues, I never had crashes on my FP2 with the standard android it is shipped with in now almost 4 months.

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I wouldn’t be overly worried, Fairphone are working diligently on a fix and as mentioned above it doesn’t affect everyone.