How useful are the FP3 screen protectors?

Does anybody have any experience with the screen protector? I wonder how useful they are. Do they noticably affect coloring (the bluelight-filter) or brightness (privacy-filter) of the display?


I am using the privacy-filter. For me the filter has no influence to the coloring. I needed 3 trying to install it, but it was ok. The privacy mode is function perfect. When I will show someone something on my display, they always say: “I cannot see anything.” Because I have turned the phone not enough.


I would be very interested to hear if the surface of the screen protector feels any different from the “unprotected” glass surface of the display. To explain what I am most interested in: I often dislike to swipe on touch screens because it keeps making my finger tips feel like drying out and grinding. So I would mainly be interested to find out if the screen protector surface feels any more slippery or not.

My opinion about the privacy filter is shown there.
To me it’s not very effective, only from the upper left or the lower right angles, not at all from the other diagonals and in-between the two, mediocre.


@BierTroll, could you precise from which point of view (right/left/upper/lower/diagonals) and at which angle (in degrees from being right in front of the screen) your screen is well hidden or not? I’m curious to see if they’ve changed it.

It feels very smooth and slippery.


Hmm. I am actually most worried about your comment there “Furthermore, I feel the screen is less touch-sensitive now…” :thinking:

It might be tempered with my recent experience: it seems this has been corrected, so it might’ve been a software issue…


@BierTroll, could you precise from which point of view (right/left/upper/lower/diagonals) and at which angle (in degrees from being right in front of the screen) your screen is well hidden or not? I’m curious to see if they’ve changed it.

The point of view is right / left of me.

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Privacy filters shouldn’t make you feel more private. If you use your smartphone in public, expect peaking eyes. If not from humans, then security cams, satellites, or whatever. Especially if you live in a totalitarian country…


I use the blue screen filter and I really like it, the screen is bright enough to see anything clearly even in sunlight and my eyes are very thankful. I have no issues with the touch sensitivity yet.


I use the blue screen filter as well and in terms of coloring and brightness, I really like it. I’m not entirely happy with my appliance but that’s on me.
Sometimes, I feel like there are some issues with touch sensitivity, escpecially when I use my fingertips but I applied the filter immediately when I bought the phone so I don’t have a point of comparison.


As a new FP3+ owner who will sooner or later get the bluelight filter screen protector (as part of the “Longevity pack” deal), I’d be interested in any new or updated feedback especially about how useful you find your bluelight filter effect.

While I love the green protective case and will definitely use it, I am still not fully decided yet if I will need/want to apply the screen protector, so that’s why I’m hoping for more feedback. :slight_smile:

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It’s working well, I’ve juste switched from a disfunctioning privacy filter (the filter was not well oriented, so I’ve exchanged it).

I was afraid the colors would be orange-ish, but they’re not. However it does filter well the excessive blue light. I still use the night light app in the evening, but not in the day anymore, which is way less annoying, because I don’t have to switch the settings all the time :wink:


I have the same issue with the privacy screen, that doesn’t seem to block much except from the top left and bottom right… I am actually considering just removing it (to save some battery life) since the phone seems pretty sturdy by itself.
Same for the protective cover. The phone itself actually has a better grip and seems pretty solid as it is.
Coming from an iPhone (which is not designed to be used without a cover or screen) I assumed I needed those, but for the Fairphone neither of these seem necessary or adding any value…


Why do you think removing the screen protector might save your battery life? I don’t think it does…

You might also want to keep a screen protector: my screen was saved from a mean fall on gravel once thanks to it: the protector cracked, but not the screen.

Same for the case: unless you have a bumper, it might save the phone, and more than once: mine fell several times with mean falls, I was glad I had my bumper around it!


With a privacy screen one usually needs to increase the screen brightness, because it also darkens the screen at a straight angle.

Just to quote from the Goldman Sachs elevator tapes: “I don’t need an iphone case, because I’m neither poor nor clumsy”. :joy:

But seriously, I never used a screen protector or phone cover until I got to the iPhone 6, and never had an issue. The FP3 feels solid enough to me, while the case actually adds a lot of bulk… I’ll safe the case for sports and outdoor activities, but will skip it for daily use.

That’s strange, it didn’t do this with mine, and shouldn’t: otherwise it would be an issue and I would advise you to contact the support

In my case anyway, I always thought even at minimal brightness, that it was too bright most of the time :sweat_smile:

Well, you know, “so far, so good”… until you hit the ground…
you never know when you’ll break it until you do… I made it fall during a simple walk, no sports involved…
But the choice will remain yours in the end of course :wink:

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I didn’t really do a before and after comparison with the privacy screen on the FP, but with the privacy screen on my old phone that was definitely the case. (note though that I also found that one to be way more effective as a privacy screen.)

I had a great experience with the blue filter screenprotector. Just over a year and after dropping my phone regularly it only broke after a car drove over it yesterday

The screen is okay mostly because of the filter and the green case. Thanks for sharing info about the protectors I think I will buy the blue filter again.

Only minor point also mentioned before is that the protector decreased sensitivity when applying to little pressure on the screen. I only noticed the difference after I took of the broken protector. Also the screen is a little bit smoother without the protector but no noticable dry fingers.


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