How to wipe data on broken Fairphone 2?

Hi everybody,
my Fairphone 2 has been broken since end of last year. It was behaving kind of buggy from the start. It randomly restarted with no obvious reason sometimes several times a day. In addition, I did not manage to activate disc encryption.
Such a random reboot during a FairphoneOS software update killed it. When switched on now it is in some kind of permanent vibration mode constantly vibrating for a second and being silent for a second… Black screen, no logo etc. It is not possible to boot into recovery mode. Furthermore I also tried to manually update by USB cable with the official scripts from the Fairphone support ( without any success.

I have been trying to find a solution with the support team but since I use my FP2 as a freelance with sensible customer data, it is essential for me to wipe all data before sending it in for repair.

Due to legal reasons the official support cannot provide information on how to wipe data on the core-module itself (short-circuit pins for example).

Does anybody ave any ideas? I am willing to break it, at least I would have tried. At the moment I have no use for my FP2 at all if it’s only laying around being broken.

I am happy for any suggestion :slight_smile:

Kind regards

Is there no Fairphone Angel near you as might be a good idea to insert a fully charged battery from another device and try to establish connectivity using a Linux box before giving up on it? Presumably you never had occasion to enable developer mode upon it?

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