How to verify use of location services

I’m finding unexplained use of location services. Are others seeing this too?

As you can see from the screenshot, location services is in use, despite me having no apps using them “all the time”, and I had no other apps loaded (nor were they loaded immediately before taking this screenshot).

It makes me think there are system tasks that are being hidden making use of location without my permission.

Any thoughts? Is there any way to get more information on the location use?

Note: I’m on Android 10, although I’m not sure this is specifically an Android 10 issue / bug, so I’m not flagging it at such without more details.

I had this as well. It happen for me when I installed the CoronaMelder. I guess the icon is shown without any app that it is requested via the Google Play Services. As soon as I removed the CoronaMelder when the icon was visible it disappeared.

Could that be it?

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Using Bluetooth LE requires Location permissions. This does NOT mean that your location is being used. See for example

Location needs to be enabled for Bluetooth Low Energy Scanning on Android 6.0 - Stack Overflow

Bluetooth versus Location permissions - Android Community (

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Try to view all system apps:

Because this is how I found the preinstalled app “Service menu” that seems to be totally invasive. See the whole thread:

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