How to use WhatsApp through VPN?

Thanx for all this information :+1:

Sorry if I post this in the wrong thread,
but I get the feeling here, on a rooted FP2 , using whatsapp through vpn is possible.
Is that true?
And if it is true, does anyone know of a step by step guide to set it up?


I maybe don’t understand your problem, but my gut feeling is that neither root nor VPN should affect Whatsapp. Just use it?!?

Or can you be more specific? Did you already try “something” and it didn’t work? If so, what was the problem?

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Yes, it is possible. Just install a VPN the usual way. By default everything gets tunneled through VPN.


Having read these posts, I asked above question:
Secure WhatsApp in an unrooted FP3.

I’m still struggling whether or not to continue using whatsapp when I properly start using my fp2. Should I replace it with a ‘better’ app or should I use it in a way that minimizes the effects of the downsides of WA ( how is my data used?)?

I’ll investigate how to use vpn and what the actual advantages are.

So at this point I didn’t try out something yet.

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