How to use the 240fps mode?

How do I use the 240fps slowmo-mode? I barely figured out how the UW mode works and I cannot find any way to change setting on the slowmo mode. pls help ;_;

I think the FP4 only supports 120 fps slow motion. Go to “more” and then “slow-mo” in the camera app.

In the specs it states that it should be possible though…


Interesting. You should open a support ticket about that.


Did that shortly after I opened this thread. Will update as soon as I get a response!


There was a 240FPS (8x) slow-mo option, but they removed it in an update. Don’t ask me why, I also think it’s a dumb decision


Remembering from a review I had seen, it was bad quality (but 120fps was rather fine). So they might have removed it to reintroduce it later reworked? Or removed it altogether because it was too bad?


Here is the support reply:
The lack of setting for 240FPS slow-motion video has been brought to the attention of our developers. Multiple camera improvements are currently in development and will be rolled out with software updates in the near future. We know this is not ideal and thank you for your understanding!

They told me they’d keep my ticket open and give an update as soon as they have planned anything new to roll out.


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