How to use Agenda in Open OS on FP2?

I don’t use an agenda on Google or MS. I’ve used Calender on my iPhone 4 (from 2010)
When I try to enter anything in Agenda, I get a message that there are no agenda’s and that I should add at least one Agenda-account.
When I add my gmail and hotmail account, I get a message ‘Dubbel account’. I suppose because this are my mail accounts.

  1. Isn’t it possible to have a local agenda? And how to get it working?

if not

  1. How to get an Agenda-account and how to get it working?

Kind regards

I’m using version 5.1 16.11.0

Try to set it up with the app DavDroid.
First you have to install F-Droid. And then in F-Droid you can find the app DavDroid.

You don’t have to install F-Droid. You can also visit the DAVdroid page at F-Droid, click “Download APK” under “Packages” there and install the APK. Of course, installing F-Droid will be more convenient, you will also receive update notifications.

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Tnx Lidwien,

I have already installed (and used) F-Droid
I’ll try DavDroid

Great It worked
After installing DavDroid I got a message that I needed to
install Open Task
uninstall DavDroid
install Davdroid again.

Many thanks

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