How to upgrade FP Open OS without deleting apps and data?

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i run FP2 open OS and I’ve just upgraded it following FP2 cannot install Fairphone Open 17.10.1 as I also have Open GAPPS and Root rights.

It completely deleted all my apps and data. Is that intended? Is there a way to upgrade only the OS, not the apps and so on?

Well, i thought maybe naively that i could only upgrade the OS and keep everything else…

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Well, @AnotherElk’s instructions actually emphasized very clearly that this would happen. Still sorry that you lost your data unintentionally.

You should usually be able to update Fairphone Open OS simply by using the Updater app (without losing data and apps).


Back when I still used Open OS this was not possible with modifications (in this case OpenGAPPS). If that hasn’t changed the following is the guide you need to update:

A backup is always recommended.


thanks for your very quick answers. I didnt really lose data, as i backed it up before but i’ve lost time (reinstalling and setting everything is at least 2H). Actually i followed both guides and didnt pay much attention to AnotherElk’s warning…

so, if i completely follow @freibadschwimmer’s guide, i should not have data loss? Can someone confirm please?
I guesss the difference is that he doesnt wipe in twrp before flashing…Does it make sense?

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At least that was true when the guide was written and I haven’t read anything to the contrary since. Though there is always a slight chance that something will go wrong.

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I can. Before switching to LineageOS, I did several FP Open OS updates this way (up to 17.10.2 - with Gapps). Worked like a charm.


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