How to update FP2 Open + opengapps to the latest software

I use a FP2 Open OS with opengapps. I normally make a data & cache backup with TWRP and restore it after update the system, but updating from 16.12 to 17.1 failed and FP2 get in an endless loop in start.
How can I update my open system easily?

You have updated OpenOS but didn’t install OpenGApps in the same boot process, right? That causes the “optimisation bootloop”. Just remove the battery to turn the phone off. Then go to TWRP and flash OpenGApps (copy it from your computer to the internal storage of the phone) and everything should work again :slight_smile:

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Everything was right!
Thanks, Stanzi!

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For others finding this topic, this update guide for Open OS + modifications like openGApps and Xposed may also be useful:

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