How to turn on mobile data in an easy way


On my previous phones I had an icon to turn on mobile data on the quickpanel (the panel that appears when you swipe from top to bottom).
Is there an easy and quick way to turn on mobile data on FP3?

The fastest way I found is longpressing data reduction (databesparing) on the quickpanel and turning mobile data on.

Anyone any idea’s?

Please confirm that you don’t have this icon if you swipe this panel all the way down (extending the initial 6 icons to 9), and perhaps swiping left to reach the second panel, if there is one.

You can add, rearrange or remove the icons there using the small pencil icon in the bottom right of the fully swiped down panel.

The quickest way to access the Mobile data icon would be to add or move it into the first 6 icons (i.e. into the 2 top rows of 3 icons each in the fully swiped down panel).


ths, worked. I forgot to swipe further down in edit-mode.

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